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        Hangzhou Hongli Machinery Co., Ltd.

        CNC Precision Mechanical Parts

        CNC Precision Mechanical Parts

        CNC Precision Mechanical Parts

        CNC Precision Mechanical Parts

        CNC precision mechanical parts

        SP Series Initiative Multi-functional Digital Slitter


        CNC Precision Mechanical Parts

        SF Series Passive Multi Function Digital Cutting Machine





        Precision Machine Part


        CNC Custom Machined Part

        Precision Machined Part,CNC Milling Part

        Large Precision Casting Parts

        CNC Machined Part

        CNC Gear Machining

        Large Mechanical parts

        CNC Precision Component

        Metal Parts Fabrication

        CNC Precision Casting Parts

        CNC Casting Machining

        CNC Lathe Parts 

        Precision Shaft

        Precision Component Machining

        Escalator Tooling Production

        precision metal part,metal machining

        CNC Precision Machined Parts

        Welded Component

        Mechanical Part,CNC Turned part

        OEM Machining Service

        CNC Precision Metal Parts

        Steel Metal Welding Fabrication

        High Precision Machining

        CNC High Precision Parts

        Welded Parts

        Mechanical Parts Metal Processing

        CNC Gear Machining

        Wire EDM Cutting Parts

        OEM CNC parts 

        CNC Turned Parts

        CNC Precision Component

        OEM Machining Service

        Injection Moulding Machined

        Steel Plate Machining

        CNC Turned Parts

        Precision CNC Parts

        Precision CNC Machined Components

        Precision Metal Components

        Precision Casting Parts

        Precision Machined Parts

        Large Mechanical Processing

        Machined Aluminum Part

        Precision Metal Parts,Driver Plate

        CNC Machine Parts 

        CNC Lathe Machining

        CNC Small Precision Parts

        Precision CNC Machined Parts

        Customed Metal Work

        OEM Machinery Processing

        CNC Turned Component

        Gear Machining/Assembly

        Precision Cutting Machined 

        Precision CNC Machined Gear

        Large Mechanical Components

        CNC Large Machinery Parts

        CNC Drilling Parts

        CNC Mechanical parts

        Machinery Processing ,Assembling

           The company was founded in August 2002 and has more than 70 employees and 6 technical development department...
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        地址: Linpu Industrial park, Xiaoshan District,, Zhejiang, P.R China.

        電話:0571-82777171        傳真: 0571-82777070


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