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        Welcome to the official website of Shijiazhuang Yinuo Machinery Co., Ltd.!

        中文網站 | English

        National High-Tech Enterprise

        Professional Aluminum Alloy Casting/Black Forging/Aluminum Welding


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        ABOUT US


        Shijiazhuang Yinuo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise in the processing and production of mechanical parts. The company has long been committed to the specialized production and processing technology services of non-ferrous metals, especially aluminum alloy materials and cast aluminum, and has production bases in Lingshou County and Xingtang County. The company has more than 10 utility model technology patents, and has obtained the welding qualification of international standards and European standards for aluminum. The company has more than 70 employees, including 10 engineering and technical personnel and management personnel, and more than 30 professional and technical workers. 


        Products Center


        Core Competitiveness


        • 01

          Techinque Level

          National high-tech enterprise, municipal enterprise R & D institution

        • 02

          Quality Assurance

          ISO9001 quality system, testing equipment

        • 03

          Professional Experience

          More than 10 years of focus on aluminum alloy casting and machining

        • 04

          Application industry

          Railway, electricity, coal mine, military industry, exported to Europe and America

        Workshop Equipment


        • Aerial View of Xingtang Factory

        • Xingtang Factory Area

        • Xingtang CNC workshop

        • Xingtang CNC workshop1

        • Xingtang CNC workshop2

        • Xingtang CNC workshop3

        • Xingtang CNC workshop Bochi VMC850L

        • Xingtang CNC workshop gantry machining center

        • Aerial View of Lingshou Factory

        • Lingshou CNC workshop

        News Center


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